Paper inserts

If you want extra protection or the ability to stack two CDs on each side of the gatefold, these archival, poly-lined protective paper sleeves are available. 

CD Sleeves

Holds the booklet & a CD on one side and the back tray card with another CD, if needed, on the other side.  Fold it in half and you're ready to go.  The graphics do not need to be cut or damaged.

DVD Sleeves

​Made from extra sturdy 8-gauge frosted vinyl, this semi-rigid sleeves holds the tray card and booklet on one side.  There is a archival polypropylene pocket with Tyvek lining for the DVD.  Available for single and double DVD sets!

If you are running out of space for your CD & DVD collection, consider getting rid of the space-hogging jewel box and replacing them with these gatefold sleeves.  Made of 4mil thick, archival polyethylene, our Space-Saving Sleeves hold both the front cover and back graphics to create an LP-like gatefold without any damage to the inserts.  They take up to 75% less space than the standard jewel case.  The spine shows the title and your collection can still be stored vertically on standard CD shelves or racks, as well as in any drawer systems.  They fit anywhere you can put a standard jewel case.  Over 7 million sleeves sold since 1998.